Residential Locksmith

Knowing the best residential locksmith in your area is essential! At some point, you’re most likely going to need a locksmith to help you, whether that’s by getting a stuck key out of your car ignition, rekeying your home, or repairing a broken lock. And if you’re in the Coon Rapids and Minneapolis area, you should turn to Rapid Services for all these scenarios! We are the most trusted, experienced team of locksmith technicians in the area.

Comprehensive Residential Locksmith Services

A professional locksmith does so much more than just let you into your home when you’re locked out. The best locksmiths are security experts who can help you install and repair your locks. This will maximize your home’s security.

Safety should be one of your top priorities for your home. No matter how safe you might think your neighborhood is, you’ll never regret investing in security. Rapid Services can help you make that investment wisely by changing, installing, and repairing your locks as needed. Each of these services makes your home more secure and gives you peace of mind. You’re not just protecting your home and your possessions. You’re protecting your family!

Eventually, even the most durable locks can wear down or break. When this happens to you, Rapid Services is just one phone call away to fix your locks. We’ll ensure all your home’s locks are in the best condition, so you won’t ever have to wonder if they’ll work. This will make you less likely to have issues with stuck or broken keys in your locks.

Rapid Services can also make your everyday life more convenient. For example, we can rekey your home so that you only have to deal with one key for all your locks. This means you can stop carrying all those keys! You’ll just need one to get in and out seamlessly.

Equipped with Experience and Cutting-Edge Technology for Your Good!

There are many different types of residential locks, but don’t worry! At Rapid Services, we have installed and repaired so many different locks and gotten homeowners out of just about every lockout scenario in the book.

Rapid Services always has the latest, most high-tech equipment to give you the best service out there. You can expect prompt, efficient service no matter what the circumstances are behind your phone call.

Get Fast Service from Your Trusted Locksmith Minneapolis

Locking yourself out is ordinarily a stressful situation. But when you know you have a reliable residential locksmith, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. You already have so many things to deal with in your personal life and at work. With Rapid, you cross worrying about lockouts off your list! Contact us for all your Minneapolis locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith

It’s always worth investing in commercial security for your peace of mind. No matter what kind of business you have, hiring the right commercial locksmith will protect your property, employees, and customers.

Effective Security Solutions for All Businesses

There are a wide variety of security solutions you can get when you consult with a commercial locksmith. Some of these solutions

  • Panic bars
  • Push bars
  • Core locks
  • Alarm systems
  • Keyless entry
  • Detex alarm systems
  • Heavy-duty door
  • locks
  • Buzzard systems
  • Mortise locks

Rapid Services would be happy to install any of these for your business. If you’re not sure which security solutions are right for you, we are available to provide you with expert advice. Our security solutions are always customized to your business’s unique needs. This ensures your facility has maximum security!

Security should be a proactive measure. You shouldn’t wait until a break-in or something else compromises your security. Tackle your vulnerabilities by beefing up security right now.


Lock Repairs and So Much More

When our locksmith technicians are the ones responsible for your business’s security, you’ll never have to question the effectiveness of your security. We install the best systems that are highly durable.

Even with the best security in place to begin with, sometimes these systems need to be repaired. Simple wear and tear will take a toll on the inner workings. But when you have Rapid Services on speed dial, we’ll be available to fix your locks so you’ll never have to worry whether or not they are functioning correctly.

Superior Experience and Equipment for the Best Results

Whether you’re a business owner or a property manager, you already have so many things on your to-do list. The last thing you should be worried about is security. When you’re working with a trusted lock expert like Rapid Services, your daily responsibilities will get a lot easier. Security won’t be such a major concern. You’ll know that you’ve taken the best step you can by entrusting your security needs to us.

Raid Services uses only the most effective technology in the industry. With our many years of experience, we are qualified to provide you with expert advice catered to your business’s unique needs.

The Best Response Time and Rates in Minneapolis

If your security systems are compromised or you’re locked out of your business, you need a locksmith who will respond ASAP. Rapid Services promptly responds to all calls from clients and works efficiently to get the job done quickly.

Unlike many other commercial locksmiths, we also charge reasonable rates. We understand that security shouldn’t be optional. It’s essential! Because of this, we want to make it as accessible as possible to people all around the Minneapolis area.

Trust Rapid Services for the All Commercial Locksmith Services

Want to learn more about how Minneapolis locksmith services can make your business more secure? Contact Rapid Services! We are the local experts in commercial locks, and we are even available 24/7 for urgent lockout needs. There’s no job too big or too small and no need that’s too simple or complex. We are your one-stop-shop for all your locksmith needs!

Automotive Locksmith

We’ve all locked our keys in the car before. It can turn any day into a stressful one. Whether the key is sitting in your driver’s seat, the ignition, or your trunk, you need an automotive locksmith ASAP. With Rapid Services, you can get on the road again quickly after a car lockout.

Maybe you didn’t lock yourself out of your vehicle, but the key broke off while you were unlocking the door or you’re having an ignition problem. If you’ve simply lost your keys and need to get into your car quickly, Rapid Services is happy to offer assistance. Not only do we have a prompt response time, but we are able to get into your car and send you on your way quickly. You won’t have to be as worried about being late for work or an important appointment.

Get Your Car Unlocked with an Experienced Locksmith, Not a YouTube Tutorial

If you’ve locked yourself out of your car, don’t try to take matters into your own hands by breaking into your vehicle. You may run into a lot more issues than you expected. You could hurt yourself and seriously damage your vehicle. Even if you think you’ve discovered the most detailed step-by-step guide to solving a car lockout, things could go very wrong very quickly. But when you immediately call a locksmith, you won’t have to worry about these things happening!

Our extensive industry experience allows us to assist Coon Rapids residents with all kinds of vehicles. Whether your vehicle is brand-new or decades old, we are the professional locksmith technicians to count on. We have the tools and the knowledge to get into a wide variety of vehicles without causing any damage.

Reliable 24/7 Services

If you’ve locked your keys in the car, you can’t afford to wait around for help. That’s why our services are available 24/7! Call us anytime day or night, and we’ll be there.

We understand that your frustrations are running high if you’ve misplaced your keys or locked yourself out of your car. All our technicians are friendly and patient. You can expect the best service in town when you choose us over our competitors.

The Best Prices in Town

All too often, automotive locksmiths will charge you an exorbitant amount, leaving you even more frustrated than you were when you discovered you needed to call a locksmith. Rapid Services gives you the best prices in the Coon Rapids area. We know that getting a locksmith isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity!

Paying for standard car maintenance is already expensive enough. But being forced to cover a huge expense for a simple mistake doesn’t seem quite right. You can feel good calling us when you know you won’t be strapped with a huge bill at the end of the day.

Call Rapid Services for All Your Car Lockout Mishaps

Don’t panic about lockouts and let them ruin your day. Put Rapid Services on your speed dial and you’ll have peace of mind. We’re here 24/7 for all your automotive lock needs!


Every person should know who the best locksmith near them is. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, you can’t do any better than Rapid Services. We can fulfill all your locksmith needs with our fast, affordable, reliable service. Whether you’ve been locked out of your home, car, or you need to change some locks, give us a call for emergency locksmith services.

24/7 High-Quality Service

Getting locked out of your car or home can be an urgent matter, and it often happens at the most inconvenient times. You shouldn’t have to wait around for professional technicians. Luckily, when you work with Rapid Services, you’ll never have to wait for service. We answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No one else is more reliable for emergency locksmith services!

Finding a friendly locksmith is so important. Whether you’re talking to us on the phone or in-person at your home, business, or car, you can expect kind, courteous service. When we’re the ones you call for help, we can turn even the most frustrating days of locking yourself out or misplacing your keys into good ones!

A Cheap Locksmith in Minneapolis That Produces High-Quality Results

Your satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success. We don’t just meet your expectations. We exceed them! Our prices are also unbeatable. Many locksmiths in the area charge exorbitant fees for their services. We know how important our services are to you. That’s why we prioritize making them affordable. Whether you need automotive, commercial, or residential services, you won’t have to worry about steep fees.

Our extensive experience gives us the know-how to get into just about any car, home, or business. We come with the latest gear, and you won’t have to worry about us damaging your property. Once our work is complete, it’ll be like you never had to call a locksmith! Not only do we arrive on site quickly, but we also complete the work quickly. You can go about your day in record time!

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Locksmith Needs

The right locksmith does more than just let you in when you’ve lost your keys. We can also install security systems or repair them when they’ve failed you. Our services add value to homes and businesses.

There are a lot of cheap locksmiths out there that have a specialty and stick to it. But Rapid Services is available for all your lock-related needs in the Minneapolis area. We deal with stuck car keys, broken car locks, and car lockouts.

When it comes to residential locksmith services, we are able to rekey all your locks, install new locks, and repair old and broken locks. Of course, we can also let you in if you’re locked out.

Our commercial locksmith services are also exactly what you need to maximize security at your commercial facility. Whether you are a property manager or business owner, we’ll give you peace of mind about the safety of your employees and assets.

Trust Rapid Services for All Lockout Needs

No matter what locksmith service you need, you can count on Rapid Services to get it done. Call us 24/7 for your emergency locksmith needs. We’ll never let you down!

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