6 Dos and Don’ts of Getting Your Key Unstuck from a Lock

Need help with a stuck key? Here are the top 6 dos and don’ts of getting a key unstuck from your door. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your key back instead of having to call a Minneapolis locksmith – but if you end up needing professional help, we’re here for you!

Don’t Try to Force the Key
If you try too hard to force the key when it’s clearly stuck, it could end up breaking in the lock. Then you will have to replace both the key and the lock, which takes more time and more money. This is true whether the door is technically locked or unlocked. Just by pulling the key out too hard, you could be binding the key against the lock pins.

Do Lightly Jiggle the Key
While too much force can make the problem worse, lightly jiggling your key may help free it. You should move the key in a subtle up-down motion. This could be exactly what you need to loosen the key from the lock pins and pull it free.

Don’t Try to Take Apart the Lock
You might think taking apart the lock will be simple enough—but it’s probably a lot more complicated than it seems. You should never try to take the lock apart yourself. It may end up causing even more problems, and you may have to call a locksmith to put it back together or replace it.

Do Try a Spray Lubricant like WD-40
As mentioned above, sometimes the reason your key gets stuck is because the lock isn’t properly lubricated. If lightly jiggling the key doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call for backup—in other words, bring in the spray lubrication! You may already have some good old WD-40 lying around, but other lubricants like Houdini Spray should work as well.

Aim the application straw from the spray lubricant at the top of the keyhole, just above where the key is stuck. While you spray, use the other hand to gently jiggle the key in an up and down motion. Hopefully, this will be exactly what you need to free the key.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on It
Unfortunately, sometimes you just won’t be able to get your key unstuck on your own. If you’ve tried all these tips and you still haven’t made progress, it’s probably time to give up and contact a residential locksmith. Fidgeting with the key too much could turn the problem from bad to worse.

Do Call a Residential Locksmith for Professional Help with Your Stuck Key
A Minneapolis locksmith will know exactly what to do to get your key unstuck. Rapid Services can retrieve your key whether it’s stuck in your car’s ignition, your home’s front door, or your car door. We are even available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with your urgent lockout needs. Our residential locksmiths will get the job done quickly without damaging your property!

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