4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Break into Your Own Car if You’re Locked Out

If you’ve locked yourself out of your own car, your kneejerk reaction might be to break a window or grab a wire hanger to retrieve your keys. Stop before you break anything! There are so many things that could go wrong, and you’ll only end up regretting it later. Here’s why you should always leave car lockouts to the pros.

Your Car Could End Up with Expensive Damage
The most obvious reason you should avoid breaking into your car is that you could cause some pretty serious damage that costs you big time. A lot of people end up breaking their window lock, door lock, or even the car door itself. Not only that, but you’ll have to part with your car for a while to get the damage repaired.

You might think that YouTube tutorial or online guide seems simple enough—but once you actually start following the steps, you’ll realize getting your car unlocked is complex. Maybe your car ends up not being quite like the one in the tutorial and the method doesn’t work. It’s not worth it to take this as an opportunity to learn a new skill. You should trust the pros instead!

You Could Hurt Yourself
It’s not just your car that you could end up hurting—it’s also yourself. Some people choose to break their car window to retrieve their keys in the fastest way possible. You could easily cut yourself this way. It’s also difficult to clean up all the glass that will fall inside or outside your car. This could lead to accidentally sitting on the glass in the car or someone else stepping on the glass outside the car.

Some people also try to use crowbars or screwdrivers to break into their cars. One simple slip could leave you with a serious cut.

You’ll Look Suspicious
If anyone else sees you breaking into the car, they might think you’re trying to steal the car. This can lead to some awkward confrontations. Someone could even end up calling the police! If you have your identification and registration info with you, it’s pretty easy to talk your way out of this situation. But if you’re registration is locked inside the car, you could end up being questioned by the police.

If your car has anti-theft technology, things get even more complicated. While this technology is great for its intended purpose, it might work to your disadvantage if you’re trying to get your own car unlocked by breaking in. When you don’t have access to a key, the alarm might go off indefinitely. This is embarrassing and will definitely raise suspicion.

Calling an Automotive Locksmith is Cheaper, Easier, and More Effective
Clearly, the last thing you want to do is try to break into your car, even if you’ve locked yourself out. The best thing you can do is call an experienced automotive locksmith. If you’re in the Coon Rapids or Minneapolis area, call Rapid Services! We respond to all calls promptly, and we’re even available for urgent car lockouts 24/7. Our services are so much safer and more affordable than trying to break into your own car.

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  1. It’s good that you mentioned that breaking into your vehicle is the last thing you want to do if you get locked out. I would imagine that hiring a locksmith would be much more affordable than replacing a window that you broke. It could be a good idea to identify a locksmith you can contact should you ever find yourself in this kind of situation.

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